Paternity (Filiation)

Paternity is a proceeding to establish the biological father of a children. Because of the vitally important nature of this type of proceeding, the attorneys of Berger, Fischoff, Shumer, Wexler & Goodman, LLP, stand ready to utilize their experience in this area of law, and to serve your legal needs in matters on Long Island, in Queens County and the surrounding areas.

If a party is determined by the court to be the father of the children at issue, it is merely the first of numerous legal issues that result from this finding. We stand ready to assist you with addressing the issues to follow such as the father being obligated to take on certain financial responsibilities to the children (such as child support), and determining the father’s entitlement to visitation/parenting time with the children. Paternity can be acknowledged by the parties or can be determined by scientific testing.

Because of the many additional issues that arise from the results of the paternity process, it is always best to consult with an attorney familiar with paternity (filiation) matters such as the attorneys at Berger, Fischoff, Shumer, Wexler & Goodman, LLP.

The matrimonial team of Steven E. Shumer and Heath S. Berger, along with their experienced support staff, are here to help you.

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