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Family Law

“Family Law” is the broad term for a number of varying procedures associated with Family Law, Steven E. Shumermarital, and․

Child Custody

Custody is often the most sensitive of Divorce and Family Law subjects. Two parents, at odds over who would better serve․


A Separation Agreement (also known formally as a “legal separation”) can be obtained by a written agreement or by way․


Child support is a mandatory payment from the non-residential parent to the primary residential parent on behalf of the children․


Visitation/parenting time rights can be some of the toughest and most bitter decisions made during a divorce. Care of minor․

Orders Of Protection

In a case of alleged abuse or harassment, the aggrieved party may seek an order of protection in either the․

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“Divorce is an intimidating process and I was lucky enough to find an attorney who is always willing to guide․

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Just because you are not the custodial parent does not mean that you have relinquished your right to spend time․


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