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by R.E. on BFS Family Law

I hired Steven Shumer as my attorney for my divorce, his experience, knowledge and compassion helped me with difficult decisions and trying times for me. It was a pleasure to have someone guide me always having me and my children in his best interest. Thank you Steven! – L.W.

by R.E. on BFS Family Law

I have been so pleased with the way Steve Schumer helped me through one of the most stressful situations of my life. I really appreciate his diligent work ethic. He even stopped me multiple times from making bad decisions that he had the knowledge and for-sight to correct. – R.E.

by Kim S. on BFS Family Law

Steven Shumer was absolutely the best. He is an extremely transparent, direct and thorough attorney. He made sure that I understood every step of the process and went to great lengths to ensure the best results. I absolutely recommend Steven with very high regards. – Kim S.

by D.P. Dix Hills, NY on BFS Family Law

I was represented by Steven Shumer. Going through a divorce is not an easy process, he made the process as painless as possible. I was treated more like a friend, than just another client. Everything was explained thoroughly and he always managed to calm my nerves. I couldn't of asked for a better outcome. Thank you to the entire staff! 

by M.W. New York on BFS Family Law

I took time out of my busy schedule to write this recommendation, as Steve Shumer always made the time for me when I needed it during my divorce.  After interviewing several attorneys that were recommended to me, I chose Steve.  Obviously, most any divorce, even in the best of circumstances can be complicated and have tense/defining moments.  My estate was very complex and yet we were able to move through it at a very reasonable pace, as Steve set realistic expectations from the start and he had a humanistic approach that was impressive and I thought it was a real differentiator when hiring him.  Steve was able to help me navigate the more difficult moments from an intellectual perspective and when things needed to move at a clip, which usually isn’t possible in a divorce, Steve made it happen anyway.  He was also quite patient and I found him especially adept at handling the opposing counsel.  Lastly, he was someone I could really count on and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone. He made a difference in both my divorce and therefore my life.

by D.C. Huntington, New York on BFS Family Law
D.C. Huntington, New York

Divorce is an intimidating process and I was lucky enough to find an attorney who is always willing to guide me through and explain. Steven Shumer is a brilliant and savvy attorney; the kind you only expect to find at a high powered Manhattan firm and available only clients for which money is no object. He has handled my case with passion and determination even when I went against his advice. Which I will never do again! I found my attorney and a friend for life at this local Long Island law firm.

by F.J. Hartsdale, New York on BFS Family Law
F.J. Hartsdale, New York

Anyone needing an outstanding lawyer should contact Steve Shumer. He was so very helpful to me and my disabled daughter through her very trying legal proceeding.. He was gracious, sympathetic, efficient and available to me when I needed him. I would not hesitate to call on him again and recommend him and the firm to my friends and family.

by J.B. Huntington, New York on BFS Family Law
J.B. Huntington, New York

I was introduced to Steven E. Shumer approximately two years ago as I was seeking legal representation. After consulting with other attorneys, I found Steven not only to be a consummate professional with great knowledge of the law but a person with compassion for others. Whether my dealings with Steven were in person or over the phone to gain a better understanding of certain issues, I was always met with sincerity, honesty and integrity. It has been gratifying to find Steven Shumer, an attorney who I can trust when dealing with delicate and stressful situations.

by C.T. Middle Village, New York on BFS Family Law
C.T. Middle Village, New York

Finding myself facing a divorce situation, but not having or knowing an attorney, I went back to basics and found the yellow pages, calling any attorneys who offered a “free” consultation. That was the very first time I informally met Steven Shumer, via a random phone call which turned out to be one of the best calls I ever made. In the very first conversation, I found myself thinking “this man is not a lawyer” he’s a human being, he’s different from the other attorneys I’ve spoken to. Here I am, a single Mom in pain and in one phone call, he eased it through his undeniable knowledge of the law and compassion that I was able to feel he had for my situation. I immediately came to meet Steven and his staff and retained them based on that phone call and the comfortable and confident feeling I got during my free consultation. Since that time, I am happy to report that my matrimonial case was resolved in my favor and under terms which I was happy about. Even after the divorce, I was forced to retain the firm’s services, a second time, because of additional problems with my ex-husband. That issue was also resolved in my favor. It’s been 5 years since I met Steven and throughout our relationship, he has consistently been professional, kind and understanding. I consider him a friend. The entire staff should be commended for getting the job done and going the distance for their clients. I will forever be grateful to Steven and the entire staff.

by M.R. Plainview, New York on BFS Family Law
M.R. Plainview, New York

There are not enough accolades to describe Steven…he is the quintessential embodiment of a professional and will do whatever it takes to protect his client’s best interests and wishes. However, at the same time, he is sensitive, kind and compassionate. Steve NEVER forgets that each client is a PERSON and not just a file. The level of care afforded by Steve and his staff is truly genuine and reassuring. I would recommend Steven Shumer absolutely and without reservation.

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