Contested Divorce


When a couple cannot settle their marital issues on their own, each party will usually retain separate counsel to represent their respective interests in a divorce. When negotiations outside of court break down, the matter is then considered to be a contested divorce. Taking your divorce action to court obviously raises the emotionally charged nature of the process. This process is often time consuming, emotional and requires the guidance of experienced divorce attorneys to lead a client through the many difficult issues to be addressed, such as custody, support, visitation, maintenance (formerly known as ‘alimony’), equitable distribution (property distribution), retirement account distribution, business distributions, educational issues, medical insurance, life insurance and counsel fees.

Our divorce team led by Steven E. Shumer and Heath S. Berger, have a standing philosophy that it is always in our client’s best interests to attempt to settle any divorce case outside of court. We pride ourselves in being accessible and available to our clients when needed. Your comfort level with the lawyer you choose is paramount to any potential for success. We strongly believe that our job is to help guide you through the contested divorce process and offer you advice and representation to help you obtain your goals, as quickly and with as low confrontation and cost as possible.

We do not believe it is an optimal situation to have a Justice of the Supreme Court determine your future (or that of your family) without having any personal knowledge of you, your situation or your family’s lifestyle and needs. However, when settlement is not an option, our years of experience prepare us for any situation or issue which needs to be litigated, and allows us to advocate for our clients as vigorously as necessary.

We take pride in the favorable judgments issued to our clients after trial in cases with no assets, to those with multi-million dollar assets. Similarly, we have handled and had favorable judgments issued after trial in matters of custody, child support, visitation/parenting time, maintenance and all other areas in the matrimonial law field.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, in person, or over the phone, to discuss your Contested Divorce proceeding and how we, at Berger, Fischoff, Shumer, Wexler & Goodman, LLP, can help you.

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